Neztek Fingerboards is born out of a passion for all things skateboarding.Over 25 years on a skateboard and finding that even as I got older and opportunities to skate got less I needed to have the art in my life on a daily basis,and that is how I fell in love with making and riding fingerboards.Hundreds of decks later and through trial and error I am finally ready to put my boards up for public sale.

Neztek decks are all made from the finest Australian woods that I have sourced,molded and finished personally in the NeztekFB workshop in Lismore New South Wales Australia.I found that it is not necessary to use Canadian Maple for fingerboards to still produce a high response and functional deck.Anyone who has used a Neztek deck will be happy to confirm this.

Aussie tough,Neztek decks are stronger than Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee combined and have more pop than Kylie Minogue!

My goal is to make fingerboarding as popular in Australia as it is in other parts of the world and supply a great world class Australian product.

Each deck is an individual and handmade!

If you have been directed to this page and need to get to the shop just click on the NeztekFB icon in the top left corner.